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Cromwell's Curse

The Northampton Witches

About The Curse | The Northampton Witches

Vengence shall be ours. Never will thee fayre all who shall dayre to steppe on this ground.

So it is recorded in the book of Witchcraft and Demonology that the five women and one man accused of practising the black arts cursed the ground that held their hanging and all whom witnessed it.

The book also reports that many witnesses recalled that the sky turned momentarily black even though it was close to midday.


The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology includes Witch Trials, Conjuration, Corpse lifting, Inquisition, Posession, Sabbat, Sorcery, Werewolves.

The Northampton Witches Named

Barber, Mary (f) hanged
Browne, Agnes (f) hanged
Vaughan, Joan (f) hanged
Bill, Arthur (m) hanged
Jenkinson, Helen (f) hanged
One Unknown (f) hanged

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